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Benjamin Arroyo Aceves    Birth (CD of Mexico May 2, 1968). Painter, printmaker and sculptor self....

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Benjamin Arroyo Aceves    Birth (CD of Mexico May 2, 1968). Painter, printmaker and sculptor self.

Based in Michoacán from the October 2, 1979, is a member of the Artistic Production workshops Artemis, and founder of the Cultural Center of the same name, Founding Partner of the Association of "Visual Artists in Michoacán AC (AC ARVIM) in Morelia Mich. Founding partner of the Civil Association of BC Arts Culture and Tradition "in Zamora Mich. Founder of the "Municipal School of Visual Arts and Mobile Workshops" in the city of Zamora Mich, Director of the printing shop and graphic arts techniques "record yourself," Trainer of the National Training and Technical Assistance Integrated Rural   (SINACATRI).



YEAR 2001                "Presence." Municipal Council for Culture and the Arts. La Piedad Mich.

YEAR 2002                "Different Times", Presidencia Municipal Tangancicuaro Mich.

YEAR 2005                "Benjamin Arroyo" Espace culturel et le: LECLERC-Niort, France.

YEAR 2006                "Expo: Benjamin Arroyo", X International Meeting of Poets, Zamora Mich.

YEAR 2006                "Benjamin Arroyo Graphics and Painting", University of Zamora Mich UNIVER.

YEAR 2007                "On canvas and paper / Benjamin Arroyo" XXX Anniversary Instituto de Estudios Superiores De Jiquilapán, Mich.

YEAR 2009               "Gallery Artist Benjamin Arroyo, Zamora-Jacona Calzada. Mich.


* Second place in the years 1991 and 1995. Regional Painting Competition in Jiquilpan Mich.

* 1st. place. CIBER 2ND ART. Painting Competition 2003 Jiquilpan, Mich.  

* Selected traveling exhibition by the state of Michoacán State Competition of Painting and Engraving Efrain Vargas 2008, Morelia Mich.

* First Place Purchase Award State Watercolor Exhibition 2008, Morelia Mich.

* Current Catalogue called Digital Visual Artists: VISUAL ART OF MICHOACAN Vol II 2008

* Selected traveling exhibition by the state of Michoacán State Competition of Painting and Engraving Efrain Vargas 2010, Morelia Mich.

Group shows  

Cazares Institute, Zamora Mich. 1987

font-family: "> State Meeting Art Young, 1994 Michoacan Institute of Culture. Casa de la Cultura de Zamora, Michoacan.

Centro de Convivencia Cristiana Zamora Mich. YEAR 2000 1995

"Contemporary Art." Casa de la Cultura del Valle de Zamora, Michoacan.

"Zamora Pinta." Centro Cultural de Zamora Mich.

"Collective Exhibition of Painting, Festival of Chongo. Zamora Mich.

YEAR 2001

8pt; font-family: ">" Dreams, Fantasies and Other Realities. " Michoacanos teachers gallery, Casa de la Cultura de Morelia Mich.

"Exhibit X" Graphics and Painting, Centro Cultural de Zamora Mich. Artemis.

"Su-art enough." Casa de la Cultura del Valle de Zamora AC

YEAR 2002

"NEO. MICH. ZETA" Menache Samuel Gallery. Zona Rosa, Mexico City

"Visual Artists AC Michoacán, Morelia Mich Santa Ball Gallery.

"Contemporary Art Auction, Club Campestre de Zamora Mich.

"Expo 2002" Yurecuaro Mich. Yurecuaro municipal presidency.

"IV Festival Zamora Mich Chongo." ARVIM Collective Cultural Center Zamora.

"Art Expo-Camelinas Alfredo Zalce 2002" Rotary Club of Morelia Mich.

YEAR 2003

"The Tropics" Contemporary art Michoacán and Nicaragua, Managua Nicaragua Praxis Gallery, Central.

"art exhibition Winter ARVIM" Conservatorio de las Rosas, Morelia Mich.

YEAR 2004

"Painting and Graphic ARTEMISA" VIII Meeting of Poets "Homero Aridjis" Zamora Mich.

YEAR 2006

"The Contemporary Graphic Jalisco and Michoacan, Zamora twentieth anniversary UNIVA University Mich.

YEAR 2007

font-family: ">   "Pictorial Display", VII Congress of graduates Instituto de Estudios Superiores De Jiquilpan Mich.

YEAR 2009

"Traces: The Private Eye" Journey Latin America, Argentina, Chile, Mexico, Paraguay and Peru in Estación Juárez Guadalajara Jal. Regional Centre of Arts de Zamora Mich.

"Offering Interactive Workshop" Alternative Ways to Print, Old College Jesuit Cultural Center Patzcuaro, Michoacan. Octavio Bajonero tutoring.

YEAR 2010

"1st. Expo Cartel "Designing Michoacán", Colegio de Michoacán AC Zamora Mich.

"The Bicentenary and the Centenary: Mexico in the Imaginaries of Contemporary Artists Gallery RANGE Morelia Michoacan Mich.

"1810-1910-2010 A View From the Present" Museum of Contemporary Art Alfredo Zalce, Morelia Mich.

"State Competition Travelling Exhibition of Painting and Engraving Efrain Vargas 2010, House of Culture of Morelia Mich., Mining Tlalpujahua Mich State Museum. and Regional Center for the Arts Zamora Mich.

center, text-indent: 35.4pt; "align =" center "> September 2010

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